Social Responsibility

RockRose Energy is committed to supporting the UK’s local communities and its overall economic well-being. In our main operations, we support exploration opportunities and life-extension initiatives through investments in mature assets, directly contributing to increased job opportunities and the economic stability of the UK. As part of our social responsibility, we regularly implement initiatives to assist the disadvantaged groups among the general population through charitable donations to causes meaningful to our employees. Some of our recent activities include:


The Viaro/RockRose Energy Charity Fund

We are committed to fulfilling our environmental, social, and corporate governance responsibilities in the transition. This includes the implementation of an ESG framework representative of industry best practices, as well as support for initiatives that balance out the carbon footprint associated with our operations, help vulnerable groups among the general population, and promote good corporate governance principles set by the NSTA.


Big Comedy Shake Up

In 2022, RockRose Energy employees took part in the “Big Comedy Shake Up,” an event organized by Parkinson’s UK to raise funds to support Virtual Biotech, the drug discovery and development arm of the organisation. Parkinson’s UK is partnering up with institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to fast-track the research projects that have the greatest potential to transform the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease.

AberNecessities Donation

In 2022, RockRose Energy made a donation to Aberdeen-based charity AberNecessities, which provides underprivileged families with essential supplies, ensuring that no child goes without. The charity offers everything from nappies and formula milk to toys and clothes, and aims to give all children the best possible start in life.

Support for Frontline Healthcare Workers amid COVID-19

In 2020, we supported a university research project funded by our parent Viaro Energy. The project, ”Psychosocial Support for Front Line Health Care Workers During and After the COVID-19 Outbreak,” was carried out by Kingston University and the Open University. It was developed to help frontline workers across the world overcome trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by using expressive writing techniques. Expressive Writing (EW) is a form of imaginative writing that places emotional expression at the centre of supporting well-being and post-trauma recovery. Our investment enabled the development of free web-based access to expressive writing materials in English, Italian, and Arabic.